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Tell Us About Your Experience 

"The Cody Store is the bomb if I ever have a problem I can call or text Cody and he will answer all my questions I'm so glad that o found him in the marketplace he is the man for all your fire stick needs and now he has a store I went and today and I was very pleased he has a lot of items for for phone needs I'm really loving my Android 10ft cord because I've brought cord and adapters from other places and it says it's not compatible with my phone I was getting aggravated, but he had just what I needed so go check out the Cody Store you won't be disappointed!!! "

"Just purchased 3 fire-sticks (1 for me and 2 for my parents) from Cody and are loving them! What I love about buying from Cody is that he stands behind his product and that he took the time to walk me through and explain how the sticks worked. So, not only do we have a great product, we actually understand how to work them and keep them operating at their maximum performance. We will definitely be buying more sticks from Cody!" 

"I purchased a fire stick from Cody yesterday, we went through each app to make sure they were functioning and he made sure he showed me how to keep the device clean and how to navigate my way around. His customer service is A-1* I'm glad to have bought this from him.This fire stick has everything you can imagine on it🙌🏾 Thanks again Cody for everything. I will surely refer my friends!! "

"Love this store. We bought a Firestick and absolutely love it. Cody provided the best customer service with answering all my questions. He lets you know he is only a phone call away if you have any questions. My girls also got fidget spinners last week. He has all colors and my girls love them. "

"I just met Cody and I can tell he is a great guy already. He is working on my Fire TV and adding apps. Can't wait to get it back and see what it can do. I am sure that I will be happy after seeing his work in his store."

"He's very good and stand behind his work. His customer service is the best thus far. I promise you will not go wrong if you chose to buy from him."



"The only person that'll give you your full money's worth, that's the reason why he has nothing but 5 star ratings. Shop with my guy"



"Well worth it, Cody by far knows his stuff and stands by his product, would highly recommend paying him a visit, he can custom build your apps, give a demo, and provide support after your purchase, unlike others who sell them out of their trunks."

"We love this guy. He got us going with our firestick and the family Loves it. Highly recommend Cody. He also makes a great casserole. "



"Cody is the best and he's reasonable too! They have the best apps and brand new movies with GREAT quality. He is a must. He shows you how to work the device and everything. 5 stars!!!"

"Cody always makes sure you have a good experience and I love the 2 fire sticks I got from him everyone be sure to buy only from him!"

"Just had mine upgraded. What I had before I upgraded is not even comparable. The Cody store offers the best. Will be a return customer, if you are second guessing yourself please don't this is the real deal."

"The Cody Store is awesome! Cody explains everything. I love my Fire TV box! Planning to buy another one for the bedroom."

"Drove an hour to Valdosta to go to the Cody Store..... Thank you Cody! We will be back soon!!!"



"My husband and I has our Firestick updated with Cody. He was very informative and professional. He took the time to explain the updates that he did and made sure we understood! Thanks Cody!"


"I purchased a firestick from Cody and I love � it, if u don't have one better get u one"



"Best place in town to buy a firestick! He also has spinners and Vape juices!!!!!"



"Cody was amazing! I had my children with me, he was so patient. Ended up with a vape, some delicious juice and a fidget spinner for my son. I will definitely be back!"