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Questions & Answers

Q: Is using your boxes to stream shows and movies legal?

A: As long as an Internet user is streaming copyrighted content online, then it’s legal. Downloading media is illegal but currently streaming media is not illegal. Despite this legal debate, it is important to note that the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) seldom pursues litigation against individuals who stream or download these shows as it is difficult to identify the IP address linked to the activity.


The Boy Genius Report weblog noted that “As long as an Internet user is streaming copyrighted content online … it’s legal for the user, who isn’t willfully [sic] making a copy of said content. If the user only views it directly through a web browser, streaming it from a website that hosts it, he or she is apparently doing nothing wrong.”


Q: I saw another similar streaming device for less, why should I buy yours?

Great question. Yes, there are other Streaming TV Devices on the market that are less expensive, and some that are a lot more. So, to explain, the Android boxes comes with a Quad-Core processor. A lot of other streaming devices that are less expensive have a dual core or 2 processors vs. a quad core having 4. It means our boxes are twice as fast processing the information and with streaming audio/video that is crucial. Also, we install all the software for you to not only make the Android box very user friendly, while on the other hand a lot of other come blank and you have to learn to do it! It’s like buying a laptop without Windows Microsoft or Apple IOS installed. Our streaming devices are ready to stream your favorite movies, tv shows and live sports in minutes after arriving at your home. A streaming device is NOT a cable box, rather a very small computer. Hope this helps! More questions? Give us a call!




Q: I noticed your boxes have movies still out in the movie theaters and live sports, how is this legal?

A: Great Question. All streams originate through 3rd parties online all over the world and are completely out of our control or influence. These streams are available to anyone and accessing streamed content is perfectly legal. It is however illegal to download a copy and distribute content for personal or commercial gain.


Q: Are there any fees to watch entertainment through your boxes?

A: No! Your only pay for the purchase of the Android unit. There are however optional fees for the paid addon called Reboot which provides you more easy access to premium channels. The box does provide plenty of free addons to get live television but the risk is high buffering and down times. With Reboot you get 1080p quality with all channels. Over 93+ premium cable channels including HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime, WE and much more. All Pay-Per-View Events and even NFL and NBA tickets. All this for only $15 a month.


Q: Are your Android boxes ok to use?

A: Yes! These boxes are simple. Just connect to the internet and stream the data that we have gathered. We gathered the best working addons to provide you with faster access to the shows and movies you would like to watch. Other providers just give you thousands of choices to choose and that is not the way to do business. It’s not helpful to throw a bunch of stuff at someone that doesn’t know what this is about.


Q: Does the streaming box stay on all the time, or do I need to shut it off?

A: Yes, it can stay on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Another great feature of the box is that it goes into hibernation mode after a video is finished, so its great for light sleepers.


Q: Can I get a wireless keyboard instead of using mouse?

A: Yes. The Android box has 3 ports, so you can definitely add a wireless keyboard but it is not absolutely necessary because it already has an on screen keyboard.


Q: Can I plug in the box into my computer?

A: NO! The box is a computer itself and you could damage the unit. Only plug in your Android into a TV with the enclosed HDMI cable.


Q: I’m not tech savy, is the box hard to set up?

A: No! All you do is plug into your TV with two wires. A HDMI cable and an adapter to plug in a socket.




Q: If I don’t have the internet, can I get one?

A: We would recommend 2 things before buying a box. 1. You have a TV with an HDMI port on the back.

And 2. You get the internet set up first.


Q: What does my internet speed need to be to have a box work efficiently?

A: It is recommended that an Android box runs on at least 7 mbps speed and higher, so content doesn’t buffer.


Q: How do I check my internet speed, as you say, I should have at least 7 mbps of speed.

A: You can call your internet service provider and they will tell you or, go to and click on begin test and that will give you your internet speed.


Q: What is the difference between your box, Apple TV, Google TV and Roku?

The biggest difference is you have to pay to watch movies and tv shows through Netflix, Hulu or Crackle while our devices offers all the content for free and it shows movies way ahead of our competition!





Q: Should I use Wi-Fi or a Ethernet cable to connect my box?

A: In General, a wired connection is always better because a direct connection does not suffer from any interference that Wi-Fi connections are subjected to. The speed of a direct cable connection is always faster than a Wi-Fi connection.


Q: Does the box have to be visible or can it be hidden behind the TV?

A: Because all of our accessories are connected thru a USB or Wifi you can hide it. But you also need to have a Radio Frequency Remote. That is provided by us for a more enjoyable experience while navigating the applications on the box.


Q: Will one box work all my TV’s?

A: No. Only one box unit per TV.


: Will my box work away from my home?

A: Yes! Take it anywhere in the world; on a vacation, on a business trip or just to a friend’s house across town. Just remember, wherever you take it to, needs to have an internet connection with speeds of at least 7 mbps, so the content will not buffer or pause.


Q: Can I access all my social networking apps, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, and more?

A: Yes. Our Android boxes offers internet for web browsing and some popular social media apps.





Q: Is the content on my box updated?

A: Yes. All content automatically updates, so you don’t have to.


Q: The box comes with a wireless mouse, can I upgrade it?

A: Yes! The wireless mouse it comes with isn’t the best on market, so we definitely recommend getting a wireless USB gaming mouse. It works great on any surface! A sofa, a bed, blankets and even your leg!


Q: What comes with the Android unit?

A: One Android box unit, power supply, an HDMI Cable (to connect to your TV), input and output cords and a radio frequency remote.


 Q: Do you offer Refunds?

A: We offer a money back guarantee for 30 days minus a 25% restocking fee.